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2024 Vendors and Sponsors 

Meet the 2024 line up of RV products, certified tech services, and owner empowerment team ready to make this years rally the biggest year yet.  Be sure to reach out and schedule your services and get ready for a great time! 

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Our mission is to provide the best RV ownership experience with a focus on creating long-term alliances and doing the right thing. Located in Elkhart, Indiana, our state-of-the-art facilities produce luxury fifth wheels that are designed with input from our RVing community, the Allies.

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Liquify your RV Waist! No BS RV chemical that really works! 

Use discount code: TOTR25 for 25% discount on your first order at

Wil Knowles

General Manager

Matt's RV Reviews, LLC

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Travel Without Fear

Does your family live out of town? Do you ever travel across states, or even on a cruise or internationally?


MASA covers every ground and air ambulance provider for emergency medical transport anywhere in the United States and Canada. And with MASA’s Platinum Membership, there are no ‘out-of-network’ fees for your emergency ambulance, no matter who picks you up.


Plus, MASA offers benefits that travel with you, whether you’re visiting family just a few hours away, or even cruising or traveling internationally, such as Repatriation to a Local hospital, Companion Transportation, Minor and Pet Return, and more.

Jennifer McCann, Client Advisor


FREE LUNCH for the first 150 rally goers!

Sign up early at our booth at site 86 for a free lunch on Friday, July 25t at the Pavilion.  Sign ups required.



The United States Honor Flag™ is an American flag that travels the country honoring America’s fallen heroes

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Leveling your has never been this easy.  RV SnapPads are the World's Only Permanent Jack Pad, meaning no more placing, retrieving or storing plastic or wood blocks to level.

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Yearly Bearing Maintenance/Brake Inspection

  • Pull and replace inner seals

  • Clean and repack inner and outter bearings (if applicable) **additional cost for parts

  • Inspect drum brake backing plate and clean (if applicable)

  • Inspect springs, axles, equalizers, and shackles (if applicable)

  • Grease wet bolts (if applicable)

Tandem: $18 new seals & $375 labor (Rally discount pricing)

Triple: $27 new seals & $575 labor (Rally discount pricing)


***hub savers available, inquire for more information 

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Welcome, I am Michael Beckman, the owner and operator of Pinnacle RV Mobile Repair. As a Veteran of the US Army, safety and integrity is my number one goal when working with you and your RV. I am RVTAA Certified and Insured. Our name is the definition of Pinnacle,” Reaching the highest point of development and achievement.”.

  • Boogey Lights sales and installation

  • Micro Air Easy start sales

  • EZ Snap Skirting

  • RV Educational & Empowerment

  • General RV maintenance 

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(509) 979-9204

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We're a passionate team of outdoor-lovers, makers, and culinary experts committed to bringing five-star flavor to the great outdoors with versatile gear that can stand up to the demands of both the backcountry and back patio foodies.

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Manufacturer's representative for the RV Industry. Having started his life as an Electronic Engineering Technician, Manning changed his career path in 1985 when he joined Tom Manning & Associates as a salesman.  Training under his father’s guidance, he quickly learned sales and business acumens that he has been able to apply to his work throughout his career.  An array of experiences within the Industry have been ascertained as Manning has spent his career working with and learning from all segments of the market, including Distributors, Dealers, Coach Builders and Consumers.







                                                                           Cell: (801) 389-9122

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As a small family business operated in Logan, Utah we understand the need for products you can trust. Our team cares about our customers and is committed to helping make a difference through simple acts.

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River City RV has been providing the highest quality recreational vehicles to Southern Oregon since 1986. We have been, and will always be, a family operated store. We currently have at least one family member in each department Sales, Finance, Parts and Service. In July of 2022, Don Blacksmith retired and passed the torch to his son Gary. Together with his wife Mandy, Gary plans to continue taking care of his customers as if they are family and providing the superior service we have always been known for. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a trailer to pull with your small SUV or for a full body paint luxury 5th wheel, we will have what you are looking for. At River City RV our salespeople are friendly, our parts department is well stocked, and our service department is knowledgeable.nce.

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Greetings from BigFoot Power Solutions based out of St. George, UT! I specialize in the custom design and expert installation of solar and battery systems for any and all off-grid needs! I have been in the RV industry since 2006 and love what I do! I am an advanced, certified Victron installer and distributor, in addition to being a distributor and recommended installer for multiple battery brands, including Signature Solar, Battle Born, Lion Energy, and Epoch. We will be offering a range of services at special rally pricing, starting anywhere from system consulting to ensure you are set-up for success, coordinating component installations, up to fully customized solar and battery system installations!


We are looking forward to meeting everyone! Please contact us if you are interested in setting up a consultation for your system! Let’s Power On!

(619) 277-4780

Riley and Cassandra 

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Offering a wide range of products for RVs, agriculture, and marine equipment.  For RV tire monitoring and safety, no other company or product can compare to the TST line of products. Top quality and affordability combine to give our customers the absolute best tire safety systems for recreational vehicles of all types and styles.  

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At C2 RV Services, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work. Certified by the RVTAA and RVIAA, we will be providing installation of exhaust for microwaves, & minor repairs at the Pac Rally.  Contact us to schedule your services. 

  • Exhaust systems for microwave

  • Minor repairs

  • Solar Warranty Repair

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Heiser RV Solar & Electric is an installation and consulting business located in Northern California.  If you are looking to add (or upgrade) a solar, inverter or battery system to your RV, you’re in the right place.  I have been consulting on, designing, building and installing systems in RV’s since 2011.  I specialize in fully integrated Victron Energy systems powered by Battle Born batteries.  I am a Victron dealer, Victron certified RV installer and Victron trainer.  I am also a Battle Born recommended installer.  I can also work with other manufacturer’s components and products as needed.  Whether you want a consultation, a complete system installation or need something in between, contact me.  I would be happy to put my expertise to work for you.

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Certified RV Inspector and RV Technician with specialty training in Generators and Solar from The National RV Training Academy (NRVTA).  Our goal is to help you with your RV needs by maximizing its operation, so you can enjoy RVing and protect your investment for years to come.We are JRG2 Mobile RV Services, Where RV Services Come to You.

  • Comprehensive inspections of joints, seals and roof

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Largest, Most Fun, RV Camping Membership. Overnight RV Camping at 5095+ Farms, Wineries, Breweries, Attractions, and More! Enjoy unlimited stays at unique camping locations with no camping fees.


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Making smiles in to memories. Dedicated to the travels and adventures of the most AWESOMENESS WagonMasters in the land! RV Weight Services will be availble July 22nd-24th 12:00pm-6:00pm, and again on the last day of the PAC Rally, (July 28th 8:00am-11:30am). Appointments not required for RV weighting services. Contact us for information on our additional services and products. Authorized Distributor: - RV Weighing Services - RV Airflow Installation - RV AC Silencer - Hughes Autoformers Products - Wash Wax All Products

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Our cleaning process removes years of sludge and odors to restore your tanks to like new condition. Using a hydro-jetting system, we clean the holding tanks through your dump connection into the holding tanks to remove odors, mold and debris within your tanks. It even pulls debris off sensors that may be causing inaccurate readings. - Tank cleaning

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Power Your RV With Premium Equipments & Installations


Welcome to Unplugged RV Solar & More, your trusted partner for transforming your RV adventures. As the premier solar installer in town, we specialize in custom designing and installing top-notch Victron-equipped solar systems for your RV. Beyond solar solutions, we offer a curated selection of RV products, including WiFi thermostats and WiFi propane monitors, to enhance your camping experience.

Unplugged RV Solar & More, LLC, is not just a business; it's a commitment to ensuring your off-grid journeys are powered with precision and efficiency. Our experienced team, led by retired federal employees Mark Page and Charles Tyer, brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to every project. We're not just selling products; we're crafting a lifestyle where your RV adventures are seamlessly and sustainably powered.

Ready to embark on a journey of off-grid freedom? Contact us now and let Unplugged RV Solar & More elevate your RV lifestyle. Your adventure awaits; seize it with us!

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John, Kim, and Mugsy Tyer 
• RVing since 2005
• Excited to share a thing or two with you! 
• Come Along! ⬇️YouTube link below⬇️

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
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RV LIFE Pro stands as the industry's leading RV trip planning and navigation suite, offering an all-encompassing experience with tools like the RV LIFE Trip Wizard for meticulous journey planning across devices, and the RV LIFE mobile app for precise navigation. This suite ensures RVers navigate safely, taking into account vehicle dimensions and propane carriage, eliminating concerns over fuel or challenging terrains. Beyond navigation and planning, the affordable annual membership provides peace of mind akin to the cost of a single night's camping and includes access to exclusive RV LIFE Masterclass courses, making every trip an opportunity for both adventure and learning.

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We offer a wide variety of products including hose and RV grips, coaxial cables, water inlets, water softeners, and filtrations, RV drawers, et.  Our ergonomically shaped Grip for use with a garden style hose and coax cable makes tightening and loosening the hose or cable extremely easy. These can be used at your home or RV. There are several styles of our Hose-Grip and RV-Cable-Grip so you can select what fits your needs best.  We are a proud sponsor of the PAC NW Rally! 

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In every Touchstone crystal accessory shines Swarovski crystal, giving each chic jewelry piece its signature sparkle. Beauty, as the saying goes, is in the eye of the beholder. Above and beyond subjective perception, the quality and value of crystal can be determined by the criteria outlined below in the 5 C’s of Swarovski Crystal.

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Better for you and the planet

Explore safer options with our advanced microfiber cloths, mops and plant- and enzyme-powered cleaning solutions. Densely woven, superfine Norwex Microfiber physically removes up to 99% of bacteria from a surface using only water when following proper care and use instructions.

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We are empty nesters who decided to retire, travel and enjoy life rather being tied down to work and owning sticks and bricks. We are full time RV'ers that give seminars on full time RV travel, tips and tricks. We are Ambassadors/Influencers for Grand Design RV, Lippert, Carefree of Colorado and Enduro Batteries.

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Best way to save on Diesel, period.

Join Open Roads today and start saving big on diesel at thousands of locations nationwide, including top travel brands like Love's and TA. 

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The Future of Lithium Batteries

Big Beard Battery is a cutting-edge battery company founded by Todd Henson, a master certified RV technician with a passion for creating the best battery for RV enthusiasts. Unable to find a battery that met his specific needs for maximum power, minimal space and weight, Todd spent the last three years developing the perfect battery for himself. The result is a lightweight, high-output battery with active self-balancing modules, and temperature control. Everything you want in a battery without the marketing hype. Big Beard Battery is dedicated to providing the most reliable and efficient power solution for any application.

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As a US-based company, we are here to create premier towing products that improve the journey from point A to point B. That’s why we don’t just make hitches for trailers, we make hitches for people like you–the recreational travelers, hard workers, and avid sportsmen.

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Airxcel products aim to elevate the user experience through purpose driven innovation and thoughtful design. Our product lines include industry leading interior and exterior components including air conditioners, fans and ventilation solutions, furnaces, hydronic heating systems, water heaters, cooking appliances, roofing products, FRP and composite panels, awnings, sealants, RV cleaning products, window shades and window glass for recreational vehicles of all sizes.


With 400 years of combined expertise in the Airxcel family of brands, RV enthusiasts everywhere can trust our brands and our products to elevate their RV experience!

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The SmartPlug is a revolutionary shore power system designed to replace the outdated and problematic twist-type design in use today. It’s intuitive to use and provides greater protection against loose connections and corrosion – the leading causes of shore power failure and fires.

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Be safe, don't hit the road without it.


Why not have peace of mind knowing that when you hit the road, whether it's for work or pleasure, you won't be stranded due to a hub bearing failure.  More importantly you don't want to be injured or injure someone else.

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Blu Technology's Mobile Water Filtration Systems are Ideal for an RV, Travel Trailer, Camper Van, Boating, Adventurers, Survivalists, Etc. Select from the Following Categories to Find the Right System for You.

  1. RV & Campground Water - City Water, Well Water, Garden Hose Connection.

  2. Fixed Mounted Water - Under Sink and Van Build Mounted Systems.

  3. Off-Grid Water  - Water Straight from a Lake or Stream.

  4. Countertop Water - Home/RV Coming Soon!

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Start your Off the Grid Adventure with Renogy, solar system products.  Solar technology for your energy independence. 

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Introducing GasStop; The ultimate in gas safety

GasStop is a 100% emergency shut-off device for propane gas systems. In the event of a major* leak GasStop will instantly and automatically shut-off the flow of gas. Not only is this device an easy to fit, autonomous must-have safety device, it also has a useful multipurpose gas pressure indicator. Use gas, use GasStop. 

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Hughes Autoformers is a company that has been around for more than 25 years. We have been a pioneer and innovator for RV protection devices. First getting a patent for the Hughes Autoformers voltage booster in 2000, it still remains the only device in the RV market to boost damaging low voltage. About 8 years ago, we came out with our patented Power Watchdog brand of smart RV surge protectors. They are the only surge protectors that have a replaceable surge module. If the part that gets used up goes out, you replace that part, rather than the whole unit. They also feature Bluetooth, where you can get real time alerts and data straight to your phone or tablet. We continue to innovate as we created our patented SafeView power inlets in 2022. These are the only power inlets out there that have an illuminated display that shows proper wiring conditions. At Hughes Autoformers, RV power safety is our main focus and we continue to deliver feature rich products that protect your RV investment. 

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The CONTOURE® approach creates innovative and SMART enabled cooking, laundry and refrigeration products for the interior and exterior of any space. Our goal is to exceed the consumer expectation by delivering outstanding quality on a global scale. 

Our core philosophy is balancing innovation, functionality and quality. This balance allows us to create working and living environments that feel comfortable and effortless. We care about and understand the consumers' lifestyle, values and environment. CONTOURE® adds a level of depth to each of their products, bringing a unique value that enhances the personal product experience each and every time. 

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I am a Disabled Veteran owned and operated laser engraving business specializing in personalization and customized items. I can customize tumblers, coasters, coffee mugs, bottles, glass, leather, slate, wood, and acrylic.

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As a proud member of FamAlly I am happy to be a sponsor of the 2024 PacNW Rally. this year.  I create personalized gifts for all occasions.  Check out my Etsy shop or web page. 


Enjoy the rally!  

​Amy Hale

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We appreciate our sponsors,

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our expert presenters,

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and our talents service professionals.

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