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Using this Rally Site

Lynn Catlin

Dec 31, 2022

Using the website to review and register for the rally.

In organizing the registration for this event, I've taken the steps to develop this web site to help convey all basic information and safely manage payments for all parties involved. Please review these few tips, and other news items that might be available, to help you use the site. If you have any problems or need assistance, please contact Lynn Catlin at

  • I'd suggest reviewing the Terms on the FAQ & Policies page, it will answer a lot of questions. Especially for those that are checking in early, staying late, or both.

  • You'll need one "Ticket" per RV. Within that ticket, you may register up to 8 people.

  • Every additional person, beyond 2 people, is $40.

  • You can only purchase 1 ticket at a time, be sure to select View more pricing options if you have more than 2 people- all options you may need are there (for the # of people)

  • If you need to add people to your reservation later, please contact Each later on, you can simply purchase a per-person addition for $40 per person.

  • After you select the ticket you wish to purchase, click "Checkout", where you'll enter your First and Last Name and email. You will then click "Continue", and check the box "Same as purchaser to copy the information to the registration form.

  • After completing the contact information, you'll need to affirm you've read the terms and conditions, as well as a privacy statement related to this rally. These policies are also available on the FAQ & Policies page. You may refer to them as needed.

  • You'll then complete the payment, and you're done!

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