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Regarding Payment Methods

Lynn Catlin

Jan 1, 2023

There are multiple ways to pay for the rally registration. This article explains the methods before purchase/registration.

There are 4 ways to pay for the rally, grouped into two options when you're checking out. The methods available are:

  • Credit Card (will add a surcharge to the rally cost)

  • Venmo (will add a surcharge to the rally cost)

  • Zelle (unknown if there is a surcharge, will update when we determine that)

  • Personal check (no surcharge added, but must be mailed ASAP)

Please review the information related to each method:

Credit Card: No special instructions. The system will have added the proper surcharge and will process your payment using any one of a number of available methods.

Manual: This selection is used when one wishes to use

  1. Venmo

  2. Zelle

  3. Personal check

When "manual" is selected, instructions for each method will be shown.

  • Venmo: You will email and indicate you wish to use Venmo. We will also need your Venmo user ID (@username). You will receive a Venmo request for the amount due, which will include the added fee of (1.9% + $0.10).

  • Personal Check: We need you to send the amount due to our business address, and ask that the mail is postmarked within 3 calendar days:

Lynn Catlin

Approach Consulting, LLC

9224 W. Kingsgate Ct.

Boise, ID 83704

We appreciate your interest in the rally, and we're working hard to make payment options available for everyone's desired methods.


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